July 11. ”Happy journey!!!”

“Sunrise in Irkutsk”
Today scientists and students of MSU, LIN SB R AS, IrSTU has started the project “Class@Baikal”. The pre-cruise conference was organized in Irkutsk. Talks and discussions were broadcasted on special Internet portal and anyone was able to join the conference from any place in the World. The day was really productive and interesting. At the end of the conference the most participants went to Listvyanka village to embark onboard of the RV "G. Yu. Vereshchagin". The opening of the project is completed.

We have started a new journey. At the midnight, when the Moon is especially beautiful, our expedition moved off from the harbour. The scientific party, the first of all, has settled own laboratories down and went through personnel safety course. We are ready to new adventures and discoveries. During this night we are on transit to the first investigation area. Tomorrow everything will be even more intriguing.
The installation “Ideal working space”