July 22th. The here and now.

Applause, kind words, handshakes and warm friendly hug finished the 3rd  Baikal expedition. Class @ Baikal officially came to an end. During the work of the expedition were selected 180 meters of sediment (92 stations), 464 samples of gas samples, 82-board profile profiler total length of 515 km. Of course, there is still a lot of work: tomography analysis, the study of the mineral composition, exploring gas geochemistry, conferences, etc. But now we are at the Lake Baikal and enjoy every minute of the rest of our trip. We hope that Baikal will take us again next year.

July 15th.The first leg, goodbye! The next one, hello!

The 1st leg of our expedition has finished quickly. It was full of different events. During this time almost everyone was turned into a “true marine geologist”. We took nearly 50 gravity cores and acquired new material on seeps. Everything is changing. Recently, a second methane plume has appeared on the “Krasnyi Yar” seep. That’s why we should visit that place again in a year. In fact, during all out TTR expeditions we took 190 gravity cores and 150 cores had temperature’s sensors on them to measure the temperature gradient in the sediment.