July 21th. Tear’s of geochemists.

Interesting fact, we - geochemists, wrote a diary in the first day on a ship, and the last day. There are having been twelve days, but they take away very fast. Our morning started as a usually - the reveille at 8 am, breakfast and all thing’s would be all rights if not only our packed boxes and bags in the laboratories.

After breakfast we moved to "karawanka" - our home for two days and immediately sat down to write a field report, because protection of the report will be tomorrow. Although that we left our ship «G. Y. Vereshchagin», our work not stop never –we should present results our expedition and say the first conclusions. But turn one’s mind to report very difficult because «G. Y. Vereshchagin» stand nearby, recalling those happy days spent on board.

Another difficulty was that excellent cooks who fed and watered for all expedition time our team, stay on board the ship. But we found decision for our problem. Giovanni showed a master class in cooking "fettuccine" - true Italian pasta. All of the female part of our team carefully listen all the professional advice but the male part wait with eagerly to dinner. And then, finally, all swallowed up their portions, praising the chef and his assistants.

P. S. The costs of the profession:

1) on the ground we still shakes;

2) in the morning wake up with the idea of ​​"core has come!";

3) and, of course, our hands still shaking jars

Forever your geochemists - Kate and Gulnaz.