20 July. Listvyanka

Today there was the change of participants of the expedition. Geologists, sedimentologists and biologists were changed by team of geophysicists headed by Michael Tokarev, Senior Researcher from the Department of Seismometry and Geoacoustics of the Faculty of Geology of the Moscow State University, Director of the Centre of Seismic Data Analysis.

The participants of the first part of the expedition said “good-bye” to the ship crew and to the Lake Baikal, made a walk in Listvyanka-village, with noise of Sunday and with all-days typical smoked omul’s smell.

19 July. Shushenball in Muche-Bay

There come the final day of the first stage of our expedition Class@Baikal.

Mixed feelings filled our team since morning. From the one hand everybody tired after week full of work and we look forward to approaching break and rest. From the other hand, despite accumulated weariness, it was sad to think that soon we will have to say “Goodbye” to some participants of the expedition.

July 14. Ice and fire!

Wow! At the very morning! For the breakfast! The Baikalian gas hydrates!

Of course, we all have thirsted to see this natural phenomenon. It is exciting - no matter, if you are already a seadog and have recovered them many times from World Ocean depths or it is your first expedition! It’s no joke: gas hydrates look like ordinary piece of ice, gold and wet, but if you approach with match, it ignites with tongues of amazing flame.

July 12. “Wow! Baikalian Kukuy”

The night transit to the first working area was followed in the morning by delicious naval breakfast in font of Selenga Delta and very close to the Kukuy Griva, the underwater ridge, which we have to study soon.

According to geophysical studies of the last years, a large landslide body is assumed here on the north-west slope of the ridge. Supposedly, the slide was formed due to destruction of gas hydrates. Yes! The famous Baikalian gas hydrates!

July 11. ”Happy journey!!!”

Today scientists and students of MSU, LIN SB R AS, IrSTU has started the project “Class@Baikal”. The pre-cruise conference was organized in Irkutsk. Talks and discussions were broadcasted on special Internet portal and anyone was able to join the conference from any place in the World. The day was really productive and interesting. At the end of the conference the most participants went to Listvyanka village to embark onboard of the RV "G. Yu. Vereshchagin". The opening of the project is completed.