20 July. Listvyanka

Today there was the change of participants of the expedition. Geologists, sedimentologists and biologists were changed by team of geophysicists headed by Michael Tokarev, Senior Researcher from the Department of Seismometry and Geoacoustics of the Faculty of Geology of the Moscow State University, Director of the Centre of Seismic Data Analysis.

The participants of the first part of the expedition said “good-bye” to the ship crew and to the Lake Baikal, made a walk in Listvyanka-village, with noise of Sunday and with all-days typical smoked omul’s smell.

Dina Gilazetdinova

That was cool! I liked very much my participation in TTR Class@Baikal project. I gained only positive emotions and a charge of good mood, and unforgettable impressions. There was a lot of work, but it wasn’t a problem because of good sense of humor of all participants. I also gained a great experience of work within international team, obtained a number of useful skills of working with samples and core descriptions. Thanks to everybody who took a part in this cruise.

I look forward to the next Class@Baikal Expedition.

Jeffry Poort

I was suddenly invited to take part in Class@Baikal. I was very glad to be back on Baikal again. It was the first time I worked with researchers from MSU, so I didn’t know what to expect. But these 10 days flew by insensibly. I spent these days lovely.
We worked a lot and slept a little but got new data. But more important that I found new friends and I hope I will work and communicate with them in the future. I thank the organizers and the participants for this unforgettable experience. I look forward to the next expedition of the Class@Baikal Programme.

Stepan Vodopyanov

That was a good and saturated cruise. Lots of work and excitement, good and well-organized team. Special thanks to galley team of RV “Vereshchagin” – the food was delicious! At the beginning, being extremely busy with the work, I didn’t notice Baikal, but when I came to myself I was in ecstasy. Such tranquility and power! From the ship a coastal shore looks like other Planet!  Colours change gradually from mountains to sky and water.
Also I’m very lucky to catch giant baikalian triclada (plathelminth)

I liked swimming in Baikal, it was cold but it couldn’t be missed. Big thanks to those who made Class@Baikal possible.

Anna Yurchenko

The expedition of Class@Baikal was very interesting and saturated. We worked in merry and friendly team, learned a lot of new and interesting things. Baikal was hospitable to us, there was good weather, we gained a lot of unforgettable impressions. I’m waiting for next expeditions.

Anastasia Fokina

The Class@Baikal hit the top of ratings! The expedition was organized fantastically, it was interesting to work, a time flew by insensibly. Thanks a lot to researchers, organizers and crew!
Baikal is, definitely, a miracle of the Nature, and I am glad that I got a chance to understand it. Thanks to everybody. I will be back.

The geophysical team went on the board with their equipment. They were installing the equipment till midnight. RV “Vereshchagin” departed to the next part of the expedition. Hopefully, it will be even more fascinating!