July 17th. Sunday is happy day.

Today we work in the new region that is situated in the south part of lake Baikal and called “Mamai structure of Tanhoi field”.  

Everyone has a tender hearing because can indicate the sound of the winch.  We run out of our laboratories immediately when the gravity core is on the board. Unfortunately today several cores came up almost empty. That is why we tried to collect tiny little particles of sediment from the core’s side. Also sometimes the core came up up-end because it had been ensnared in the cable.

Today the major part of our expedition has passed off. It seems to us that nothing can impress us. But today Vanni asked us to help him. We need to put sediments from every 20 centimeters of benthos core using a spoon into 40 vials!!! It was amazing!

I would like to thank specially Katya Nesmeyanova. In second leg when Marina started her geophysical research we had  lost a photographer. Due to Katya help the description of our lithological cores is much faster.

In the evening the weather came worse and the rain started. So we had to hold our traditional lection to the dinning-room. Vanni Aloisi told us about the role of the global carbon cycle in regulaiting Earth's climate in the geological past.

Svetlana Korost,

photo Katia Nesmeyanova, Marina Solovieva