July 20th. The skyline

Chief in the evening of the last day promised completion of the marine geology data collection at noon on 20 June. for testing of sediment Plan for the day started to operate with the height of sunny weather in the morning, and in all the main procedures involved the minimum required number of people - because soon on the beach!

Morning bustle has shrouded all cabins and laboratories: who prepared the preliminary report, who collected things, who handled an array of historical data profiler. But, in the meantime, young professionals on the extraction, sawing, packaging, and the study of the core for extra-heavy cast of gravity pipes (depth up to 25 meters, the distance between the points of up to 300 meters), did not notice that on the deck was already one hundredth of our expedition " pipe".

This success can not be ignored: a couple of hours boat was moved from the anchored Vereshchagin-house with barbecue coals. Starting a picnic!

The noise of wheels and beep of trains like applause congratulated the participants Training-Through-Research Programme in its an anniversary - 25 years, with the completion of scientific seafaring (we sincerely believe that Baikal its greatness deserves to be called the sea!). And in confirmation of the miracle of the grandeur of the Earth, Baikal gives us a fairy tale: it turns the horizon is no ... clean, quiet water of the lake today on the beach near the village Pan’kovka, opened to us the abyss, a magnificent view of the endless beauty! Garnet beach in the evening enveloped happiness, because the expedition pocket densely packed piece of the answer to the riddle of nature, because in the life of the team in the coming days will be a meeting with the family, friends!

However, the rest did not affect the romantic mood of the expedition. By collecting samples, laboratory preparing for reception, discussing the upcoming report, a team of young scientists and experienced teachers never going to put down hands - the science has just begun!

We leave our research vessel "GU Vereshchagin" and do not say goodbye, silently leave the equipment to come back with new ideas, with new enthusiasts with fireproof interest.  

Ahead of a report on the land on the work done in the "sea". See you soon, Baikal!

Diary led Kudaev Artur Alievich.