8th of July. “Mob-demob”

The 2nd International Class@Baikal Expedition officially started on 8th of July.

“Mob” (from mobilization) – this is how the crew calls the preparation of vessel, equipment and labs on the day just before the departure. “Demob” (from demobilization) means dismantle and package of equipment at the end of expedition. We had a “mob”!

The vessel was at the harbor when the serious work on the board of the research vessel “G.U. Vereshagin” had already started – the expedition began. First leg of the project includes integrated geophysical investigations such as seismic profiling with an airgun, ultra-high resolution side-scan survey (SSS) and survey with an onboard profiler. Participants of the expedition are experienced geophysists and enthusiastic students from the two universities. All the equipment must have been prepared in advance before the departure. The work lasted till the late night. We made only a few breaks for traditional group photo of the participants of the 1st leg and also for the interview for “Russia” TVchannel. The reportage of the television channel “Vesti” from RV “G.Yu. Vereshchagin” "The Floating University starts its expedition on the Baikal":