Conference 2017

International field youth conference

"Modern sedimentary systems, oil and gas potential and ecology of lake Baikal»

(based on the results of the International multi-disciplinary student web expedition

"Learning-through-research" project Class@Baikal)

August 20-21, 2017

Listvyanka village, Irkutsk region, Russia


From 7 to 21 August 2017, the Fourth international student expedition of the project "Learning-through-research" Class@Baikal took place in the lake Baikal aquatory. The voyage has traditionally been organized on a scientific research ship (SRS) "G. Yu. Vereshchagin", which became the home base of the Baikal Floating University.

The project" Learning-through-research" Class@Baikal is implemented with the support of scientists of Lomonosov Moscow state University and Limnological Institute SB RAS, as well as with the involvement of students and scientists of Irkutsk state technical University, the Universities of Oslo and Tromso (Norway), Paris Pierre and Marie Curie University (France) and other research centers, as well as a wide Internet audience.

In the expedition of 2017, students of Russian and foreign universities, both new and those who took part in previous expeditions, under the guidance of their teachers and scientists from the Limnological Institute of SB RAS continued "training-through-research" of unique natural geological processes at the bottom of lake Baikal. New members of the expedition got acquainted with modern methods of geological and geophysical, geochemical and engineering-geotechnical studies of bottom sediments; in practice they mastered the work with expedition equipment. Students who participated in the expeditions Class@Baikal-2014, Class@Baikal-2015 and Class@Baikal-2016 continued their studies, already specializing in certain areas and tasks.

As during the First, Second and Third expeditions, traditionally, during the expedition, daily scientific and scientific-educational lectures and seminars were held on board the ship.

Expedition work Class@Baikal-2017 took place in several stages. The final stage of the expedition was a scientific and technical seminar and a youth conference on the results of the expedition. The conference was held on August 20-21 in the village of Listvyanka, on the basis of the Baikal Limnological station of the Limnological Institute of SB RAS. The conference was devoted to a wide scientific discussion of the results of the expedition in 2017, as well as the exchange of experience between experts, young scientists and students studying various aspects of Geology, Geochemistry and biology of lake Baikal.

According to the results of the expedition and the conference prepared the "Proceedings of International field conference "Modern sedimentary systems, petroleum potential and ecology of lake Baikal" (results of an International multi-disciplinary student web expedition "Training-through-research" project Class@Baikal)". It is a book of abstracts of the seminar participants during the expedition and the conference at its end.

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