30 June. Day 8. Finally sunny, and finally gas hydrates!

We docked in Listvyanka during the night. We have to switch some of our equipment and we will have a crew change.

Sadly we need to say good bye to Nikita, Vladislav, Aleksandr, and Kirill, but we welcome our new participants (Jenya, Safia, Pavel and Roman). We took the opportunity to buy some consumables and tools for the laboratories; finally we are all set and ready to go.

Destination: Malenky MV. Finally sunny. We continued our profile across Malenky MV.

The collected cores are all characterized by the presence of degassing blisters and active degassing channels indicating that this zone is indeed an active pathway for fluid migration. The most spectacular core was collected from the flank of Malenky MV where we had full recovery consisting of mud breccia with gas hydrates.

These are lenticular-shaped, forming distinct layers which thickness varies from few millimetres up to 2 centimetres.

In other intervals within the core, gas hydrates are flame-shaped and seems like they have been growing inside one of the many common degassing conduits that are present in the recovered cores.

Text: Adriano and team

Photo: Marina, Grigorii and team