July 10th. In terms of the geochemists

Such questions as «what?», «where am I?» appeared in our heads when we woke up in the morning.  When we opened our eyes and looked around we remembered everything that had happened with us during last 24 hours. Though it seemed to be much longer than in reality.  Difficult flight, difference in time belts and first hard working day made us tired. 

We were happy that today was sunny in spite of the forecasts. After breakfast we started working it the region of deep-water sedimentary system «Hurai».

Our geochemical team should prepare equipment for  degassing sediments by method «head space». Besides we have to take samples for lithological and engineering analyses. By the plan we must take 9 gravity cores.

In the afternoon we took  two new members of our team into «true marine geologists». After that  we all took photos in special t-shorts with official logo.

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P.S.  Our  geochemical team thanked everyone, who helped us to shake out bottles with sediments.

Gulnaz Karamova, Ekaterina Kislitcina

Photo Katia Nesmeyanova, Svetlana Korost