10 August. Resistance testing.

Today is 10th of August. The fourth day of our Class@Baikal-2017 expedition begins. Soon the first geophysical leg will be over. While geologists were looking for what to do and made everything useful for the future leg, geophysicists were checking and improving a quality of obtained data. 

When they have repaired the high-voltage block, the hard work started again. The generous aims of geophysical team are to complete everything at hundred-per-cent.

Our area of study is the deep-water sedimentary system “Khuray”. All that time we are moving from its distal to proximal part. Our interest to that area is great. The Floating University explores it for the first time.

Unfortunately, the Baikal «grand-father» does not like to disclose to us own mysteries. We got a rough lake. All students felt not so good. Especially at the morning. However, everybody got used it before dinner even and now can consider themselves as real sea dogs.

In spite of wind, sun was shining brightly, and the deck was a good place to adjust ourselves to sea sick. After dinner we were going to have our traditional lection. Alexander told us about recent sedimentary processes in depressions of the Black Sea. It was very interesting and useful. We hope that such information will help us in a study of Lake Baikal.

Ekaterina Kislitsyna