13 August. Tube day’s night.

This morning there was an early rise, because we had to start throwing tubes and picking samples from the very beginning. I still do not know much about this ship - hiking in a latrine takes a very long time, because you have to go from one part of the ship to another. However, as I was told today, not only is there a single latrine on the ship, but even two, and it is near my cabin. I learned something new starting this morning!

Then there was breakfast, and the local cook gave me a double portion of rice, seeing the hungry pain in my eyes. Therefore, full and satisfied, I left the mess-campaign. As it turned out, today we have to not just throw tubes all day, but also throw six-meter tubes all day. This is twice as long as yesterday!

Nevertheless, we set to work with special diligence; after all, in fact, the essence was the same. We just threw 9 tubes. What is surprising, we got exactly the same number, and therefore our efficiency was 100%! Despite this fact, we did not invent a perpetuum mobile. The reason for the failure is hidden in the fact that we needed to be fed in the form of lunch. Only I sat down to saw the containers under the samples, when suddenly they had lunch. Despite the zealous zeal, the desire to work, and the fact that the muse came to me in the form of a saw, I went to dinner. All because I strictly observe the subordination, and no work will make me disobey the instructions to eat.

Then I fulfilled myself with protein (I was given a second portion of the grechka), we started to work again. The tubes went one after another, and at times, it happened that we did not have time to select the old core, and we were already carrying a new one. However, with God's help (Glory to Burkhan in all its glory) we still coped with such a large flow of clay matter. All that clay should be pushed through the boxes was shoveled in boxes. What we didn not need was sent back to the lake. However, some of the samples we left on clothes and under the fingernails, so that, if that, fresh samples were always at hand.

Vnuchkov Dmitry.