14th of July. At the end of each path there is a new one.

As always the day started with a tasty breakfast. 
During the breakfast the majority of the expedition team found out that works had started before the breakfast (some members of the team found out this after lunch smiley). This is the specifics of works twenty-for-seven. A team should be divided into day and night shifts. When it’s your working shift the others get opportunity to have a rest…

When the dawn came tests of seismoacoustic profiling system continued. Dmitrij and Albert were lodging (for them it’s already became a daily routine) a digital seismic streamer – the cutting edge technology that, for some reason, didn’t work in a decent way during the whole expedition at Baikal.  Nastia was analyzing registered data interactively and didn’t lose the hope till the last moment. And only Anatolij Vasilievich, our honoured “airgin man”, was calm. The compression system and the aigun (he was responsible for this equipment), worked properly.

But again the streamer won. The tests had to be finished. Seismic team that had already been quite hungry at the end of the morning experiment joined the other participants, who were having breakfast.

After the breakfast the profiler survey was conducted. A familiar area “Krasny Yar” was investigated. There everything went fine. After finishing the breakfast we started a new gals, which means the profiling line in one certain direction and in certain period of time. The profiler was out of the board so the acoustic survey was being performed. This is how the works of the 1st leg of Class@Baikal-2015 expedition were coming to the end…

Class@Baikal  is a very cozy project. We’ve already have good traditions. And one of them is to finish the expedition with a picnic onshore in one of the Baikal lagoons. This differs us from other marine geologists. But we should have our own specifics. We’re unique Class@Baikal!
Just before the 5 o’clock tea Anastasia Pirogova and Andrey Bezrukin delivered their talks: “New Data on Near-bottom Sediments Structure and Geohazards in the Black Sea Deep-water Zone” and “Side scan sonar with a hardware correlation” respectively.

The research vessel took the direction to the lagoon in the pad’ Suhaya near the cape Golden Scarp and the participants of the expedition got to the one of the most picturesque places at Baikal. The research team were transferred to the shore on boat. On the shore this place looked even picturesque.  Among the trees, a bit farther from the common tourist spots, there are wood sculptures of local shaman idols  - of a woman and a man. They are made of massive wood (лиственница) and are colored with bright colors. This place is very interesting for visiting. We definitely recommend!

All the team got the international certificates that prove their participation in the expedition and celebrated it with barbeque and ritual dive into the waters of Baikal (only the bravest Svetlana, Oleg, Dmitrij and the chief of the expedition did it on behalf of the rest  of the expedition smiley).
Now we’re moving toward Listvyanka to meet the participants of the next leg. Tomorrow we’ll have a new day and new adventures.