19 July. Two times with hundred…

The first thing I did, when I woke up, I looked in a window. There I saw spots of reflecting lights funny dancing at the hyaline of Baikal. It became clear for me that the day will be hot. After all it turned to be hot in several different senses.
Finally, the weather cleared off. The wind, which was making some troubles for us last days, finally calmed down. The sun looked out and the participants left their laboratories for slackening on the deck. The members of the expedition began to stay outside a little longer to admire landscapes.
All the day a work was focused at the Krasnyiy Yar area. This was a replete day, especially for geothermic team because today we were doing heat flow measurements with every core and all cores were accompanied with the special sensor.
Before the lunch the geothermic team reached a kind of the anniversary; they made hundredth measurement of heat flow at the Baikal. We all went to the deck to congratulate the trio of heroes of the occasion - Jeffrey Poort, Oleg Khlystov and, of course, its majesty Gravity Core.
And almost immediately the 101th attempt to core with heat flow sensors made a surprise, coming onto the board upside down. The begetter of the anniversary seemed to sentimentalize too much due to such a high attention experienced. So it was hanging out of the board bubbling into the atmosphere with dissociated gas hydrates. While all scientific party was perplexed, Oleg Khlystov did not lose his head (in contrast to the corer) and was ready to sort out the situation. Happily there were not any losses.
Another one anniversary came soon. In a sunset time we have got the hundredth core reached if we count all cores taken for two years of expeditions of the TTR-Class@Baikal-2015 programme. If you see the eyes of happy people who obtained and described all these 100 cores, you will immediately understand that this is not the end at all but rather a beginning of long and interesting life of the programme.
After that there was, already as a tradition, a dancing with jars on the deck and, later, evening lecture. 
Text by Svetlana Korost
Photo by Svetlana Bubnova